The Voice Magazine ~ Jan 2019 ~ What’s your gut feeling? – Jennifer Lloyd

What’s your gut feeling?

10 years ago nobody knew they had a gut microbiome. Today most of us know that gut health is important to overall health but you might be surprised to know to what extent!
It turns out that our microbiome, our 100 trillion bacteria friends, are actually responsible for our physical and mental health! Living life with a lack of energy or a chronic illness changes how we live our lives.

Join Jennifer as she talks about:
– the basics of Gut Health
– how we got to this place of ill health
– how restoring our gut microbiome is an absolute game changer!
– shares 5 real-time solutions you can implement in your life right now to start feeling better.

Jennifer Lloyd, RHN, CHHP

Long before Jennifer started Eat For Living, she had an insatiable curiosity for holistic health, alternative medicine and ‘kitchen creativity’. Today as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a certificate in Gut Health and a Certified Health Coach, she has infused her passion for health into her programs, workshops and classes.

She inspires her clients with a refreshing approach to health, one that is designed to take the overwhelm out of healthy and to put the fun back into food!

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