Upcoming Events

March Networking Luncheon – 3 Simple Steps to More Productivity & Growth in Your Business – Val Low
3 Simple Steps to More Productivity & Growth in Your Business (and Freedom to Do What Matters Most) As a woman entrepreneur, do you ever feel distracted, overwhelmed or just don’t know what the next step is to take? If so, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs at times feel like they are spinning their wheels. In this presentation you will be introduced to 3 key steps to more focus, productivity and structure that gives you increased profits, greater impact and more freedom in your business. You will discover:
  • How clarity and intention increase your productivity and profits
  • Why adding structure to your... Read More
April Networking Luncheon with Janine Chew Graham – The Pitch Equation
The Pitch Equation Speaking to people to create business for our companies or to become more visible as valuable contributors is vulnerable work. It strikes at the heart of our fears of judgement and perfectionism, all in under 5 minutes. We want so badly to create an authentic, positive, and memorable impression in this very short time frame that often all we feel is stress. Do you want to express the deep passion you have for your accomplishments and offerings instead? Then your best pitch starts here. During this keynote session, you’ll learn the elements of creating a... Read More
May Networking Luncheon – Make the Most of Every Day!
Make the Most of Every Day: A Candid Conversation With Our Panel Ever wonder how some women keep thriving regardless of the challenges they face? How even when things happen, they can pick themselves up and not just keep going but keep living life to the fullest. In May we will have a panel of amazing women who have faced and are facing challenges, yet they still are active participants in their lives. Is there a secret to their success? Let’s spend some time and find out!   Please join us for a candid conversation about life’s ups and... Read More
June Networking Luncheon – Join us June 21st for our year end celebration BBQ & Wine-Draw!
Join us June 21st for our year end celebration! We will be featuring a photo-booth area, an outdoor BBQ - weather permitting, (chicken burgers, salads, and all the fixin's, PLUS some yummy desserts) as well as our annual Wine-Draw

If you bring a bottle of wine for the draw, you will get a ticket for a chance to win - you may just go home with a three-some!

We also plan to have some popular networking activities to participate in to help us all get to know each other on a more personal level, and will be doing... Read More

Note: All luncheon meeting payments are to be paid online only starting for our June 2019 BBQ. This will streamline our luncheon processes. We appreciate your cooperation.