About the meeting

In March, the world came to a halt and business as usual became non-existent. The way we did things changed in a moment. It caused all sorts of challenges, and some of them were good, and some were not.

Now we are six months in and finding a new normal. It has created a tremendous opportunity, and some people instantly pivoted and have had great success. How did the early adaptors do so well, and what can we do moving forward with this massive opportunity in front of us?

We will be talking to 3 early adaptors who, despite the lockdown, have been thriving.


Cheryl Kathler
When I entered my 20th year of business as a photographer, I had a plan in place to celebrate this milestone. Well, things are looking a bit different this year and I’m loving it. Being in business for this length of time means that I truly can be your photographer for life. I specialize in Outdoor Family Photos, Weddings, Headshots and Lifestyle sessions, newborn sessions, milestone events and the list goes on. I am fortunate to have a studio at my home so that I can offer indoor and outdoor options for my clients. Stages of Life, Captured Forever

Rhiannon Foster
If it does not challenge you, it won't change you" - Fred Divito
This saying is as real now as ten years ago when I began in real estate. Through market ups and downs, I have had to adapt to new business ways over the years and now is no different. As the owner of the Red Door Homes Group, I specialize in Transitional Real Estate. At its core, it is all about helping individuals & families in highly emotional states who are dealing with Buying & Selling Real Estate. Our process is based on the 5 C's (Connection, Compassion, Communication, Collaboration & Community), which helps buyers, sellers & investors in the Lower Mainland realize their Real Estate Goals. In my free time, I sit on the Board of Directors for the GLBA, am an avid soccer fan, and love to relax with my two rescue cats. Bangers & Mash. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady =)

Rhiannon Foster
Gina Best is a serial entrepreneur and a maverick coach (which she refers to herself as a life interrupter) with a penchant for pushing people’s buttons and compelling business owners to deal with their personal shit so they can attack their businesses with passion and authenticity. Gina owns one of BC’s largest mortgage brokerages, coaches entrepreneurs, supports other breast cancer thrivers with one boob down – a life interruption program, speaks to and inspires audiences across the continent, and still finds – rather makes – time to be a mostly patient mom to two wild boys, a witty and wonderful friend, a shoe hoarder, and a bold and gracious mentor to young business women in her community. Gina is the first to admit that she has it all and she earned it – through hard work, tears (like full out sobs), anger, self doubt, grit, and hustle.