May Networking Luncheon – Make the Most of Every Day!

May Networking Luncheon – Make the Most of Every Day!
Make the Most of Every Day: A Candid Conversation With Our Panel Ever wonder how some women keep thriving regardless of the challenges they face? How even when things happen, they can pick themselves up and not just keep going but keep living life to the fullest. In May we will have a panel of amazing women who have faced and are facing challenges, yet they still are active participants in their lives. Is there a secret to their success? Let’s spend some time and find out!   Please... Read More

June Networking Luncheon – Join us June 21st for our year end celebration BBQ & Wine-Draw!

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VWA Tri-City is one of the best marketing groups around town! As a women's group it has a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and included. The fact that the $50 membership allows you to visit all the other chapters at member rates, is a bonus! Be sure to check it out

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